well, still feeling the same, yup

I have been having my ups and downs all week.  I have come to the conclusion that this holiday season will be hard, unless I win the lotto.  In short, It will be hard. ( I don’t have good luck, and never win when I play, so the chances of things changing…. slim to none).

I don’t have the answers right now,  and I don’t know what we are going to do.  There is no miracle that will happen in the next 12 days,  It’s just the hard cold true.  It the reality of the situation.  I know I am not the only one who is facing this situation right now.  I know its hard on a lot of us.  But, it doesn’t knowing that doesn’t make it better, and I still fill alone in all of this.

Though I am trying to put on a happy face, and to be honest my smart ass sarcasm helps.  I can’t help it,  It’s like it’s in my DNA.  When things get rough in our family we have a habit of crying and laughing at the bad things,  trying to find some sort of humor in it all.

The humor in this is ………. well, I am not sure.  It’s not funny that we can’t afford much right now, but we do make fun of it.  we joked about giving coal to my step son and telling that santa put him on the naughty list because of his grades,  but he just shock his head…. he knows santa is not real and just told us “whatever” “HAHAH” “I know you guys are just joking” ( imagine that with the teenage boy voice and attitude).

We were thinking about selling some stuff over here,  but we can’t figure out what to sell as we don’t really having anything.

So in short we are not at a cross roads , but at a bridge in which has fallen apart and we are looking for something to fix it with so we can get to the other side, and having a hard time doing it. ( sigh)

oh well, to keep my mind off of it right now,  We are watching “The Hobbit part 1″ ( and secretly wishing that we could afford to go to the theater to see the new one)


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